Best Value home lift - Stevenage

Best Value home lift - Stevenage

Mr and Mrs Preston of Stevenage installed an Best Value home lift into their detached family home. The lift, with special colour finish and glazed panels, has opened up practical access to their main bedroom and a games room, while helping to futureproof their home. The home lift was easily incorporated into space that had previously housed a little-used spiral staircase. 

"I saw the lift as a valuable feature in our home," said Mr Preston who affectionately calls it 'the Tardis'!  "Irrespective of health issues, our new lift is a good new addition to our house.  It has proved extremely useful in helping us to transport things up and down stairs and we expect it to be increasingly beneficial for my wife who has progressive rheumatoid arthritis.  The investment was minimal in relation to other home improvement projects we’ve undertaken but I consider our new lift to have multiple advantages."

Mr Preston said he selected Evo Lifts over other potential suppliers on the grounds of product quality and flexibility.  He appreciated the superior engineering that Evo Lifts products offered and also the Best Value’s size and flexibility.  “Other similar products didn’t look solid enough or large enough; our lift comfortably takes two people. I also liked the fact that I could specify a colour finish that would complement the timber in our home,” he commented.

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We were having significant modernisation and extension work done and it was logical to use this opportunity to futureproof our home by incorporating a lift

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