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Whether you wish to futureproof your existing home, add a stunning design feature to your new-build or simply improve the way your house works for you and your family, a home lift opens doors to new possibilities. 

Unlike conventional passenger lifts that you might see in a shopping centre for example, home lifts are designed specifically for use in the home.  They are simple yet effective in design and manufacture and can easily be incorporated into the plans for a new build property or, with minimal alterations, into an existing property. 

Easy to operate by holding down a button for the duration of travel, a platform moves within an internal lift shaft using a screw and nut mechanism which is strong, reliable and offers a smooth, quiet ride.  Our lifts can travel from two to six floors with a travel height of 500mm to 15,000mm with multiple opportunities to customise the look of the lift to fit your home’s decor.

Typically platform lifts can be installed within two working days and simply require two service visits per year to maintain optimum performance.  This means that platform home lifts cost considerably less than you might think: certainly less than moving house!  Independent research carried out by Deloitte has demonstrated an excellent potential for return on investment in terms of adding to your property’s value in the longer term too. And when it comes to running costs they are exceptionally energy efficient, costing less than a typical washing machine.


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EVO Home Lifts were absolutely amazing. Their professionalism, understanding and ability to think outside the box throughout helped me enormously. With my new lift I’ve got my freedom. I can now live and work in this house happily with independence and control over my life.

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