Frequently Asked Questions

How does a platform lift work?

Unlike conventional passenger lifts, platform lifts are so called because there is a moving platform which travels within an internal lift shaft. They are self-contained units needing no external machine room or lift shaft.

A patented screw and nut mechanism lifts the platform.  This system is quite unique: strong, reliable and very quiet in operation.

Platform lifts are incredibly easy to operate and exceedingly safe too, because the travel button must be held down for the duration of travel.

Are platform lifts safe?

Our platform lifts are extremely safe, having been certified to CE standards – Europe’s most stringent safety regulation.

Additionally, they have a number of safety features. The lift cannot fall down: a self-locking concept (the friction between screw and nut) will prevent this. Should you experience a power failure, battery operated emergency lowering means that you can always get out of the lift unaided.

Are platform lifts expensive to run?

No, they are incredibly economical with very low energy consumption.  All of our models are A rated for energy efficiency.  Minimum stand-by power consumption is just 15W – no more than a TV or computer.

What building works are required?

We will liaise with your architect and builder at every stage from planning through to construction to ensure a seamless installation.

What is the timescale for delivery and installation?

From placing your order, you can expect delivery within eight to ten weeks because they are made to order in Sweden. Once we have taken delivery, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for installation. Installation usually takes less than two working days.

Can I customise my lift to fit in with my house?

Yes! Our range is ultimately flexible to create the look you want.

Aside from flexibility in terms of platform size and height of travel, all of our home lift models allow a degree of customisation for aesthetic purposes. From bespoke colours and glazed panels to the full array of options, there are endless opportunities to ensure that the lift looks just right in your home.

What servicing is required?

Your first service, between three and six months from installation, is free.

Thereafter, we recommend a service every six months by a factory trained service engineer.

What warrantees do you offer?

Our home lifts come with generous warranties to give you complete peace of mind. Whichever model you choose, you will benefit from a 12 month parts and labour warranty with a 5 year manufacturers parts only warranty as standard.  There is a ten year guarantee covering the screw and nut lift drive mechanism.  

Opportunities to extend your warranty are available – we can discuss options if this is of interest to you. 

What happens if my lift breaks down?

Please call Evo Lifts office on 020 3195 3958. We will attempt to ascertain the problem over the telephone and run through some basic checks. 

If this doesn’t solve the problem, we will arrange for a factory trained engineer to call on you at the earliest opportunity.  

Is VAT applicable on a new homelift?

VAT exemptions are available for installations into new homes or lifts installed for medical reasons – visit the HMRC website or ask us for advice on this.


What Our Customers Say

I’m very pleased with our home lift and the team at EVO Home Lifts were very helpful throughout.

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