Best Value home lift - Truro, Cornwall

Best Value home lift - Truro, Cornwall

Mr and Mrs Kirrage installed a Best Value home lift at their bungalow in Truro as a critical element of their retirement relocation plans.   The standard specification, two stop lift facilitates access to a new first floor comprising a landing and two bedrooms.  Its installation was factored into significant rebuilding works prior to the couple moving into their ‘forever home’. 

“No-one knows what’s around the corner,” commented Mrs Kirrage who was unexpectedly and acutely affected by a chronic fluctuating illness, which she is learning to live with on a daily basis. “The sudden onset of my condition served as an important reminder to me that none of us are getting any younger or fitter and I remember well how my mother and aunt both struggled with mobility in their later years.  We were having significant modernisation and extension work done and it was logical to use this opportunity to futureproof our home by incorporating a lift.”

Mrs Kirrage continued: “Following recommendations in magazines like Housebuilding and Renovation, I spoke to three or four lift companies initially.  My initial choice didn’t conduct a site visit, instead relying on our own measurements which concerned me, and ultimately we were let down at the last minute when they failed to process our order. In contrast, Evo Lifts filled me with confidence during their site visit and the lift was installed in a clean and tidy manner within the quoted two day timeframe.   We are already seeing many benefits; even though I don’t presently need the lift on medical grounds much of the time, it is extremely helpful for visiting friends and family and it helps me with lugging heavy things upstairs too!”

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