Premium home lift - Tonbridge Kent

Premium home lift - Tonbridge Kent

Mr and Mrs Tremeer installed an Premium home lift into their Tonbridge home.  The couple were relocating and found it difficult to find the right property to achieve their objectives, which were to be closer to their family and to plan for Mrs Tremeer’s progressive peripheral neuropathy.  Rather than wait for a suitable bungalow, the couple moved faster by widening their search to two floor properties that could be adapted.

“If I’m honest, the lift was a reluctant but necessary purchase. My diagnosis means that my nerves, balance, circulation and ultimately mobility will be affected so we needed to plan for future wheelchair use. At the same time, we didn’t want a home that looked like it had been created for a disabled person since I am a long way off that,” said Mrs Tremeer. 

“We thought a stair lift would make the stairs difficult for our young grandchildren and have a negative impact on our home’s resale value so rejected this idea.  A home lift was the perfect solution both practically and aesthetically.  With our architect’s advice, we incorporated it easily into garage space to the side of the hallway, so it has had zero impact on our living area.  The larger footprint of the Premium home lift means that it can accommodate a wheelchair user but, by specifying double doors which don’t open out into the hallway too far, frosted glass panels and subtle interior lighting, it doesn’t obviously look like a lift.  The streamlined design and standard white and grey colours echo our interior scheme too.  We’re impressed with the finished look and how it has fitted into our home, and in the scheme of things, it wasn’t expensive – I can’t fault it.”   

Mrs Tremeer continued: “Evo lifts have been brilliant! They talked me through the details and options in a non-technical way so I was confident in my decision making. They were then kind enough to store our lift until we were ready to install it to accommodate delays in our build schedule. Nothing was too much trouble.”

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I’m very pleased with our home lift and the team at Evo Lifts were very helpful throughout.

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