Premium home lift - Winchester

Premium home lift - Winchester

Mrs Bishop specified a home lift into the build of her new home near Winchester. Originally driven by her husband’s needs, she has found unexpected benefits arising from it. “If not for my husband, I probably would not have considered having a lift at home,” she commented. “However, now that I have one, I would recommend a home lift for anyone of advancing years, or who has elderly friends or relatives.”


Mrs Bishop installed the Premium home lift which, with its larger footprint, can accommodate a wheelchair user and an additional person. With travel of up to 13 metres, versatile combinations of entrances and exits on three sides and an extensive range of options and finishes for personalisation, the Premium home lift is Evo Lifts’ most versatile home lift.


Following a word of mouth recommendation, Mrs Bishop went online to research before contacting Evo Lifts. “The service I received was incredible! I was researching online one day and I virtually had the whole thing sewn up the following day. Evo Lifts even arranged for me to see a working lift so that I could see it in the flesh in another home.”


Sadly Mr Bishop passed away before he was able to realise its benefits, but Mrs Bishop has found that she is using it on a daily basis, as she explains:  “Having dealt with the difficulties of using a wheelchair at home, I know our lift would have made a huge difference to my husband but it has also made a difference to me.  I use it to help me take heavy or bulky items up and downstairs and I feel comforted that I have forward-planned for my future needs as well.”

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I saw the lift as a valuable feature in our home.

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