Evo Lifts has a long-established heritage when it comes to the specification, build and installation of lifts in both domestic and commercial settings.  Here’s what some of our home lift customers have to say about our service.

Evo Lifts filled me with confidence during their site visit and the lift was installed in a clean and tidy manner within the quoted two day timeframe.

We are already seeing many benefits; even though I don’t presently need the lift on medical grounds much of the time, it is extremely helpful for visiting friends and family and it helps me with lugging heavy things upstairs too!

We were having significant modernisation and extension work done and it was logical to use this opportunity to futureproof our home by incorporating a lift

The investment was minimal in relation to other home improvement projects we’ve undertaken but I consider our new lift to have multiple advantages

I saw the lift as a valuable feature in our home.

I’m very pleased with our home lift and the team at Evo Lifts were very helpful throughout.

My wife and I are very fit and healthy but we anticipate being in our new home for the next twenty years or more.  Although we don’t expect to use it ourselves much initially, it will be immensely helpful when elderly relatives visit – and I know the grandchildren will love it too.

Evo lifts have been brilliant! They talked me through the details and options in a non-technical way so I was confident in my decision making. Nothing was too much trouble.

We thought a stair lift would make the stairs difficult for our young grandchildren and have a negative impact on our home’s resale value so rejected this idea.  A home lift was the perfect solution both practically and aesthetically.

Evo lifts were absolutely amazing.  Their professionalism, understanding and ability to think outside the box throughout helped me enormously. With my new lift I’ve got my freedom. I can now live and work in this house happily with independence and control over my life.

Evo Lifts were superb and made my job easier by giving me quality information and good advice throughout.  In fact, the lift was the easiest part of this project when it could have been the most complex. I would certainly have no qualms about working with Evo Lifts again.

I would recommend a home lift for anyone of advancing years, or who has elderly friends or relatives.

The service I received was incredible! I was researching online one day and I virtually had the whole thing sewn up the following day.

I feel comforted that I have forward-planned for my future needs.

Not having installed a home lift before, I had to take a leap of faith that it would all work out.  I'm glad to say it did.  The team at Evo Lifts were very helpful all the way through and the installation team were great!

Evo Home Lifts were very knowledgeable, very friendly and very professional from the outset - nothing was too much trouble and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them.

It’s done exactly what we needed it to do – it’s there for us when we need it

We were very impressed with how helpful Evo Home Lifts were on the phone when we first made contact. We would thoroughly recommend them


What Our Customers Say

Evo Lifts have been brilliant! They talked me through the details and options in a non-technical way so I was confident in my decision making. Nothing was too much trouble.

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